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Kindergarten Open House

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4 First Day of School

14 Picture Day in am

14 Early Release in pm

19 Grade 7/8 Adventure Campus

19 6:00pm ARC Meeting 2 @ Winger

20 Spirit Day, Meet the Teacher, Fall Fair Parade

21 Fall Fair Schools Day


5 PA Day

8 Thanksgiving






Welcome to our Website!

The team at William E. Brown is proud to offer another venue for parents, students and the wider school community to stay tuned to the events at William E. Brown School.

William E. Brown has approximately 210 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, an educational team composed of teachers, principal, support staff, a youth counselor and a learning resource teacher.

William E. Brown School provides a rich and varied program in language arts, reading, math, the arts, social sciences, design and technology, and computers. Students participate in experiences and opportunities which encourage the development of excellence, integrity, tolerance, respect, and a sense of social responsibility.

Our teachers volunteer their time to organize and/or supervise extra-curricular activities for William E. Brown students and we enjoy a strong partnership with the School Council. As a team we are committed to achieving the common goal of providing an unsurpassed educational experience for all of our students. With the support of staff and parent volunteers, William E. Brown is able to provide numerous learning opportunities for our students.


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