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Important Dates

More information coming after students return to school following Covid-19 outbreak.

Welcome to the William E. Brown Website!

At William E. Brown School, we are dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment for our students. We believe that all students can and will learn in a supportive environment where the school and the home work cooperatively to ensure student success.

Our staff are dedicated to student learning and helping students reach their full potential. In addition, to providing an outstanding academic program, many of our staff volunteer their personal time to offer a variety of academic, athletic, musical, and artistic activities that allow students to explore their interests and talents. We are grateful for the many parent and community volunteers who donate their time to our students.

The team at W.E.B. is student focused and share the belief that a mistake is an opportunity to learn. Every student at W.E.B. will be treated with respect, their accomplishments will be valued and celebrated, their environment will be safe and nurturing and a variety of learning strategies will be provided to create attitudes that promote life long learners. We will encourage parent and teacher partnerships that model tolerance and respect for every child.

This website is one of the vehicles for the on-going communication between parent, teachers and children and is necessary for students to achieve educational success. We hope that it will become a useful and practical source of information for all who use it.