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School Council

The District School Board of Niagara and William E. Brown Public School are committed to encouraging a partnership with parents that will enhance the education of our students and foster increased sharing of information between the school and the community about the programs being offered in our school.

The role of the School Council is advisory in nature, focused on forging parent/community alliances to enhance the input provided to the school on issues. The Council has a major role in establishing partnerships with parents and the community for the improvement of student learning.

The objectives of our council this year are as follows:

  1. Encourage and raise school spirit – fun fair, volunteering in school
  2. Parent Support and Education – communication, seminars, Newsletter
  3. Staff Support – show appreciation, feedback to the principal, support, how can we help as council to retain staff, EQAO, etc.
  4. Playground Renewal – keeping kids active etc., lines to be painted back on playground, volleyball areas, hackey sac circle, hop scotch, four square, kings court.
  5. Fundraising – what is going to go for? Suggestions were for refurbishing books in the library.


Chair - Mrs. Katy McCabe

Treasurer - Mrs. Karen LaChapelle

Secretary- Mrs, Kayla Flagg



Mrs. Bender, Lydia Geerts, Kayla Dressel, Laura Speed, Nathalee Campbell, Marlena Morris

Meeting Minutes


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